Outreach Pack #1

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福音礼包-1, Outreach Pack #1, 福音禮包-1

This Outreach pack contains The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, The Temple of Heaven DVD, Song of a Wanderer, Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering (bilingual), You. Need. Faith. Gospel booklet.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - An excellent, easily understood, chronological explanation of God's message in his word, showing the need for solving man's dilemma through a redeemer, met in God's Son, demonstrating his amazing love and grace. Great for both non-believers and believers, especially new believers.

The Temple of Heaven DVD. A historical display of how ancient China worshipped God (Shang Di). The theme of the presentation is One God, One China and One Emperor. 30 Minutes.

Song of a Wanderer - Pocket-size edition -  Top recommendation for intellectuals. Convincing evidence of the truth of Christianity shared by a respected Mainland Chinese scholar who himself went through much struggling before conversion. Also shares his testimony.

Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering? - New Printing! With tragedies abounding in our world, the answers to this all-important question as presented in this booklet are as urgently needed as ever, and must include an understanding of creation and the fall. Includes a presentation of the Good News.  (bilingual, 64 pp)

You.Need.Faith. - This booklet written by a popular WeChat public account The Road covers three main topics: What is Man?, Basic needs of humans, and Faith. Appealing to a younger audience. 

2017 Outreach Pack #1